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Formare profesională în cadrul Studioului Experimental de Opera şi Balet pentru meserii de scenă şi abilităţi de management cultural în domeniul artelor spectacolului.

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The studiOpera Project

        The Bucharest National Opera, through the Opera and Ballet Experimental Studio "Ludovic Spiess" (SEOB), in partnership with Accademia Teatro alla Scala and SVASTA ICG Romania, is implementing the project ”Specific Training for Stage Professions and Cultural Management Skills in the Field of Performing Arts within the Opera and Ballet Experimental Studio – studiOpera”. The project, lasting three years, is cofinanced by the European Social Fund, through the Regional Operational Programme Human Resources Development 2007-2013, "Invest in people!", the grant being of 17,963,028 lei (more than 4 million euros), the largest grant received by a theatre in Romania from a European organization.
        The studiOpera project focuses on the professional training of artists, technicians and managers at all hierarchical levels, providing training at the workplace, in order to ensure a sustainable development of the training system; moreover, the project aims to focus on a segment that is not covered by traditional education, thus, together with two strategic partners, to provide employees with tools and knowledge to support competitiveness.
        Courses, both theoretical and practical, will be conducted. The theoretical courses will be focused on concepts aimed at understanding the specificity of the activity in an opera house; whereas practical courses will provide the employees at any hierarchical level with the necessary knowledge and skills allowing the use of innovative technologies in daily activity.
        The first stage of the project consists of a complex research at the national level of the professional system in the field of performing arts (performing arts institutes) and of training system in the above mentioned field (specialized universities, other training institutions). This stage, lasting nine months, aims to create a link between the educational system and the work system itself. All information obtained during the nine months of research were gathered in a report which is the starting point of the following activities.
       The second part of the project consists in developing a suitable training program and in organizing a "training the trainers" program with the help of specialists from Accademia Teatro alla Scala and SVASTA ICG Romania. A Centre for professional councelling in performing arts will be created. Pilot courses will be organized in areas that will prove necessary from the research conducted in the first stage.
       The training program will follow two clear directions: the first one - artistic mastership courses taught by great personalities of Teatro alla Scala in Milan and technical courses taught by professors from Accademia and the second one – visit studies of the Bucharest National Opera staff from the settings and stage professions divisions at the technical staging of the performances at Teatro alla Scala, next to the most qualified specialists.
      The end of the project will mean the creation of a specialized structure within the Bucharest National Opera, a Studio (studiOpera) similar to that of Accademia Teatro alla Scala, which will be an authorized provider of training for specific fields of the performing arts: artistic, technical and cultural management. The beneficiaries of this new specialized structure, besides the employees of the Bucharest National Opera, will be the graduates of specialized universities of performing arts and other interested people from Romania and abroad who would like to work in this field.
     The project will also have an international dimension due to the communication platform developed by Opera Europa, prestigious organization which brings together over 100 lyrical institutions, and which has both the Bucharest National Opera and Accademia Teatro alla Scala among its members.

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