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           Transnational Meeting of the studiOpera project team

The team of the studiOpera project reunited in Milan between September 1st and September 6th, 2010 for a transnational meeting. The studiOpera project is being implemented throughout a period of three years by the Bucharest National Opera (ONB), through the Opera and Ballet Experimental Studio "Ludovic Spiess" (SEOB), in partnership with the Accademia del Teatro alla Scala in Milan and SVASTA Consult Romania. The project is cofinanced by the European Social Fund, through the Regional Operational Programme Human Resources Development 2007-2013, "Invest in people!" and aims to offer specific training for stage professions and cultural management skills in the field of performing arts.

The purpose of the daily meetings was that of planning the training activity which will be developed during the second stage of the project, but discussions on financial topics and on information and communication topics were also held. The Bucharest National Opera project team was represented by: Roxandra Hogea (Project Manager), Anca Luisa Velcea (Financial Manager), Florica Jalbă (Project Manager Assistant), Mariana Colpoş (Singing Responsible), Simona Şomăcescu (Ballet Responsible), Emil Popescu (Technical Responsible), Daniela Plopeanu (Image and Communication Responsible). The Accademia Teatro alla Scala project team was represented by Nadia Nigris (Desk officer, Accademia Teatro alla Scala Vice General Director), Florence Plouchart-Cohn (Project Manager), Umberto Bellodi (Country Representative), Dianella Chiodi (Project Manager Assistant), Paola Bisi (Communication Responsible) and by the following members of the Scientific Committee: Andrea Grassi (Cultural Management Responsible), Valeria Miglio (Stage and Workshops Department), Leila Corio (Dance Department), Daniele Borniquez (Music Department), Maurizio Noris Chiorda (Financial Manager). The second partner, Svasta Consult was represented by Aura Baldăr (Management and Training Expert).

The first discussions focused on the analysis of the Final Research Report, elaborated after the first stage of the project, and which draws the guidelines for the subsequent activities: the development of a training programme based on the comparative analysis of the two methodologies – Romanian and Italian – and on the trainers who will be trained within a “training of trainers” programme. In order to start a training group with a permanent activity it is necessary to identify and train - within the Bucharest National Opera - artists, technicians, managers, who could be involved in training the existent personnel in the future (i.e. in the third stage of the project), within an exchange program between Romania and Italy. The “training the trainers” programme will take place between January and June 2011, on the established fields of study, according to the needs of the institution. A course in cultural management in the field of performing arts was suggested, and, due to the proposals put forward by the Singing and Ballet Responsibles from the ONB team, three courses were suggested on the specializations of singing coach, ballet master and collaborative pianist (opera and ballet). As far as the technical courses are concerned, these are to be established after a series of study visits in Italy which are going to take place in the following two months. Thus, a number of over 30 persons from the ONB technical team will have the possibility to be in direct contact with the work methods employed by the most important opera theatre in the world, Teatro alla Scala in Milan.

The Image and Communication Responsibles have led parallel discussions about the project’s advertising strategy (updating the internet site, international publicity, creating advertising materials) and have established details about the next press conference, which will take place in Bucharest, in November, at the beginning of the project’s second year. The financial manager of the ONB team informed the Italian partners regarding the latest legislative modifications in the field, that appeared in late August, and which lead to certain modifications in the budget structure of the three partners.

Friday, September 3rd, the ONB team visited the theatre-room, the stage, the rehearsal rooms and the workshops in the Teatro alla Scala, within the exchange programme foreseen by the project This was the first transnational meeting of such proportions, and within this meeting aspects related to all the ongoing activities of the studiOpera project were clarified: training activity, informing and advertising activity, project management.

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