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Formare profesională în cadrul Studioului Experimental de Opera şi Balet pentru meserii de scenă şi abilităţi de management cultural în domeniul artelor spectacolului.

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The Representatives of the Academy and of Teatro alla Scala in Milan Visit Bucharest

On Tuesday, October the 12th, 2010, Marco Filibeck, light designer at Teatro alla Scala in Milan, was present in a study visit to the Bucharest National Opera, accompanied by Umberto Bellodi (the country representative of the studiOpera project). Marco Filibeck has been working in Teatro alla Scala in Milan since 1996 and in his quality of lighting producer and of lighting designer, he has collaborated with the world's greatest directors: Giorgio Strehler, Luca Ronconi, Franco Zeffirelli, Pierluigi Pizzi, Robert Carsen, working in the production some of the major performances in the history of Teatro alla Scala. He has also collaborated with the theatre’s greatest choreographers for the ballet performances presented on the stage of Teatro alla Scala. Since 1999 he has been a professor at the Teatro alla Scala Academy and at the Brera Academy in Milan, where he teaches lighting technique.
During his visit at the Bucharest National Opera he watched DVDs with the most important productions of ONB and he was informed about the working methods and the ONB technical possibilities, in terms of lighting directing.
In the period October 20th – 22nd, 2010, Lavinia Manzin and Marco Passoti, the officials responsible with the Center for professional orientation of the Teatro alla Scala Academy, were present at the Bucharest National Opera. There were discussions about the strategy to establish a similar Center within the studiOpera project, and a working plan for the coming months has been established, so that this structure to become operational in March 2011.
In the period October 25th – 27t: Daniele Borniquez, responsible with canto courses at the Teatro alla Scala Academy, Angelo Sala, coordinator of the Ansaldo workshops and Roberto Paglialunga, coordinator of the make-up workshop at Teatro alla Scala in Milan were present at the Bucharest National Opera. They attended the scheduled rehearsals, and discussed with the project team of ONB about the training needs and about the improvements which could be brought through the future courses.
The following management team members of the Academy were also present in Bucharest in the period October 20th - 27th: Nadia Nigris (desk officer), Umberto Bellodi (country representative), Florence Plouchart-Kohn (project manager) and Dianella Chiodi (deputy project manager). There were several meetings with the management team of ONB and with Svasta ICG Romania, establishing the implementation strategy of the activities scheduled for the second year of the project.
The objective of these bilateral study visits was to make a comparison between the training system in Romania and the one in Italy in the field of performing arts. In the near future the list of courses to be organized within the studiOpera project will be determined starting with January 2011.

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