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Formare profesională în cadrul Studioului Experimental de Opera şi Balet pentru meserii de scenă şi abilităţi de management cultural în domeniul artelor spectacolului.

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The First Two Weeks of Training Courses for Future Trainers

On Monday, February 7th, the first training course for future trainers began in the studiOpera project. The future trainers are professionals from ONB with higher education, who will later on train the other employees of ONB in the last phase of the project. The topic of this first course – which had a number of 12 hours held in two days – was that of Italian Language and Diction. Taught by Professor Maria Caterina Bortoletto, the course explained the basic phonetic and grammar rules and the rare or obsolete lexical terms, but which are frequently used in the opera repertoire from the seventeenth century until the early twentieth century. The participants in this course were soloists and collaborative pianists, employees of the Bucharest National Opera, who will become Trainers of Vocal and Singing Coaches for Courses for Singers, according to the occupational standard.


Between February 9th-12th, the course of Music Drama was held by Professor Marco Bolognesi Gandini. The course had the same participants and it focused on the analysis and performance of significant fragments from the operas of various composers such as Mozart, Donizetti, etc., in order to highlight the dramatic form of an opera work. In the questionnaires distributed to all participants at the end of each course of the studiOpera project, most of those who attended the Music Drama course emphasized the highly positive influence that Professor Marco Gandini’s personality had on them, and appreciated his spontaneity, creativity and extensive knowledge.

On February 11th, the course on cultural management in the field of performing arts also started with its first module, Principles of Artistic and Cultural Programming, held by Professor Andrea Massimo Grassi. The beneficiaries of this course were the six employees of ONB who will become Trainers for Cultural Management, and the General Manager of the Bucharest National Opera, Cătălin Ionescu-Arbore. Some of the topics approached during the six-hour course were: the main principles that are to be considered when making a repertoire and when drawing the programme of an opera house, educational programs for children and young adults that aim to prepare the next generation audience, aspects related to communication with different categories of target audience. The course was taught through interactive methods, the use of Power-Point presentation, musical fragments, examples of promotional materials, proving to be extremely helpful for a better insight of the topics under discussion.




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