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Formare profesională în cadrul Studioului Experimental de Opera şi Balet pentru meserii de scenă şi abilităţi de management cultural în domeniul artelor spectacolului.

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The Services Offered by the Career Orientation Centre in the Field of Performing Arts

- Orientation and information meetings: meetings which students can attend during in the final year of study, in which the main professional profiles in the field of performing arts will be presented. Each meeting analyzes the general features and the structural features of the field of performing arts, moving on to the presentation of the professional profiles operating in the area of opera theatres. For each professional profile the skills, training and specialization opportunities, employment trends and opportunities for continuing education are emphasized.

- Welcome meetings: individual meetings held to provide information useful to define one’s own career path. It primarily focuses on issues related to the reference context in which the research is conducted (the professional sector, the labour market) and on the research method.   

- Specialized technical seminars: intensive seminars led by professionals working in the field of live performing arts at a transnational level, which have as purpose to enhance the applicability of the profession and of the skills of those working in the performing arts, both within a specific sector and in related sectors.

- Training seminars: meetings aimed at helping the individual to make decisions about his/her future. Through specific training based on courses, the development, especially in young people, of the ability to assume responsibility in the active management of one’s own decisions and self-promotion is aimed.   

- Individual orientation meetings: individual meetings for young people and adults without a job or unemployed, in order to assist and support the beneficiary in the personal process of introspection, aiming to reveal the individual’s professional goals, and in building a coherent and voluntary job searching plan. Meetings have the following objectives: analysis and reconstruction of the training itinerary and previous professional experiences, analysis and valorisation of the individual’s own resources and professional skills, actively seeking information to build a professional project, the development of a realistic and achievable action plan in the social context of reference.

- The summary of the professional skills: it is an individual path structured on  several meetings targeting young people and adults who are unemployed or who are currently employees and who have significant professional experience. It aims at analyzing and evaluating the skills acquired during his/her professional career. The objective is to support the beneficiary in analyzing his/her own skills and abilities (because these are often not clear to the person in question), taking into account the relations between the tasks and the role he/she must or wants to fulfil, but also analyzing the personal characteristics and capabilities of adequately fulfilling that position. The summary consists in assisting the person in his/her own analysis and self-assessment of the personal and professional resources in order to draw an appropriate plan for professional development and / or training. Another purpose of the skill summary is that of guiding the individual towards attaining the objectives he/she has set for himself/herself, building a specific and personalized action plan and, later on, an assessment of the results.
- The Skills Portfolio: is a tool that allows the identification and enhancement of all skills and of the knowledge acquired throughout the professional activity. Through  "the skills portfolio" it is in fact possible to recognize, enlist and formalize skills. The various stages of this process will lead to: the exploration of one’s own personal, professional and artistic path in order to highlight one’s skills; organizing and writing down one’s own aspirations; finding appropriate means to present the experiences acquired; providing this information in a format: the skills portfolio.

- Seminars to assist the active search of a job: meetings addressed to young professionals and adults who do not have a job or are unemployed, aimed at supporting the beneficiary in acquiring a job searching method and in developing his/her self-promotion ability. During the meetings, professional and training experiences, hobbies, professional values and goals will be reviewed and analyzed to help the beneficiary draw a personal job hunting plan. Additionally, specific information will be provided about how to write a good CV and a letter of presentation, about how to present yourself at a selection interview and how to prepare for it through exercises and simulations, about the labour market analysis – especially the local one - and the various professional figures of interest, in addition to an analysis of a current labour legislation, of the various types of contracts and of the rights and obligations of staff active on the labour market.

- Internship for graduates or future graduates:
The objective of this action is to enable each participant to potentiate and / or acquire basic skills, professional skills, evaluation skills and communication skills through an internship experience. The opportunity of having direct contact with the work field, in addition to that of acquiring  a specific profession, can favour the students’ access to the labour market and, therefore, can facilitate the students' future professional choices.

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