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Formare profesională în cadrul Studioului Experimental de Opera şi Balet pentru meserii de scenă şi abilităţi de management cultural în domeniul artelor spectacolului.

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The Objectives of the Career Orientation Centre in the Field of Performing Arts

In order to support young people and professionals seeking employment in the field of performing arts or trying to identify an area different from their current activity, the organization and opening of a Career Orientation Centre for performing arts professions has been foreseen within the studiOpera project, proposing a series of activities:
- supporting persons who, after completing their studies, must face a different reality from the one during their training, without having specific action strategies, by developing skills and abilities that would allow them to knowingly construct their own training and professional path.    
- supporting persons who work, highlighting their potential and, based on that, building a professional development path in their field of activity or in related fields. This type of activity allows the approach of concepts such as innovation and adaptation of work methods to the technological development in their field of activity.
The problems that currently characterize the labour market, and especially the field of performing arts, belong to different factors: the limited capacity of the schools to prepare young people to consciously meet the demands of the companies using the appropriate tools; the extremely low job offer due to the political and economic situation; the absence of a training and career orientation system to meet the specific requirements of the field of performing arts.
Analyzing these factors, we see that it is important to be able to offer a prestigious, stable and structured reference point in order to support those who intend to work in the artistic-technical field of performing arts.
The research carried out within the studiOpera project sets the fundamental basis for the creation of a Career Orientation Centre that would provide information on the current trends, professions that are missing, the training requirements and the local particularities.


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